Roaring 30s can provide a made to measure period chauffeur’s uniform by Malcolm Parke Yorkshire Tailors.

“Our tailors have been making uniforms for over 30 years.  Together with Roaring 30s our tailors designed and made this this bespoke 1930s chauffeurs uniform. We are pleased to offer our period or Edwardian chauffeur’s uniform made to measure service through Roaring 30s Automobiles as our period chauffeur’s uniform supplier” 

Designed specifically for operators of vintage or Edwardian wedding cars, such as the Beauford.  They, like the cars, attract attention whenever they are seen in public.  A vintage car driven by a chauffeur in a vintage chauffeur’s uniform makes a head turning statement.

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide the Roaring 30s period chauffeur’s uniform (c).  Make your initial enquiry to Roaring 30s.  Our tailor will soon be in touch to get your measurements and colour reqirement and finalise the cost. Your ‘Roaring 30s’ period chauffeur uniform will then be made to measure to your exact requirements.

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We offer made to measure period uniforms in a range of colours.  Navy blue, medium grey, charcoal grey and black.  The material and colour of our tailor made chauffeur’s uniform is a perfect match to Anthony Keith’s range of accessories. Choice of button colours. Trouser length to match your boot height. Perfect fit. Perfect in style.

Anthony provides: Chauffeur’s hats. High quality contemporary uniforms. Coats and chauffeur accessories.

Please see Anthony’s website for specialist chauffeur supplies.

For advice on suitable footware, contact Roaring 30s.

Call Paul or Pat on 01503 262069 in the first instance.